Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a city of the county of Broward and one of the more attractive tourist destinations in Florida. It is called the Venice of America "by its 480 km of navigation channels " and for having the greater port of cruises of America. It lodges more than 40,000 yachts in its port. It hosts luxurious mansions, with balconies to the sea and great part of their hotel infrastructure is raised throughout the channels. is one of the country's major cotton producing regions. By 1869, thanks to the improvement of its canals and the development of railroad, the burg became a transportation linkage towards southeastern Texas. Currently, Houston's harbor ranks among the first port facilities in handling overseas goods and merchandise. As far as tourism is concerned, the city sports a dynamic blend of imagination, talent and first-class attractions that turns this city into a sought-after tourist destination worldwide. Its roughly 2 million people stands for one of the most upbeat and joyful populations across the U.S. This is one of the few U.S. cities featuring performing and ballet companies of its own, as well as an opera house and a symphonic orchestra. All residents feel proudly about those artistic companies and kindly drag newcomers and visitors to enjoy the graciousness of a ballet performance, the passion of the opera and the latest theatricals. A good complement for all this art is the array of museums and galleries visited by over 4 million people every year. Downtown Houston got a new lease on l


In the islands you can find one of the world's few parrot reserves.