Christopher Columbus discovered Grenada in 1498. Due to the hostility of the Carib Indians the island was not colonized until 1650, when the French founded St. George. The British conquered the island in 1762. In 1779 it was taken back by the French but it was ceded to Britain in 1783. The island became a British possession in the 18th century. The Caribs are members of the indigenous population belonging to the linguistic family “CARIBE” they occupied different regions in the American continent though they are probably original from the Valley of the Orinoco river. Towards the end of the 15th century they settled in the majority of the Lesser Antilles and the coast of the present Venezuela from where they expelled the original people the Arawaks. The Caribs were not organized in hierarchical structures but in various groups related by blood on the maternal line. When in land they lived in small settlements, they practiced agriculture and fishing they hunted animals with blowguns, sticks, stone axes, bow and arrows which point they poisoned with curare. Like the Arawaks, the Caribs were skilled in handling the canoe and their fleet sometimes had up to 100 piraguas equipped with sails. They weren’t under the command of a chief but fought like lonely warriors and assaulted other populations. They valued above all the skill in combat. The Caribs spread through terra firma and nowadays they form a group of about 40000 individuals whose nucleus is located in Venezuela and Guyana.


December 19th, 1973


In the general elections of June 1995 the governor party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was displaced by Keith Mitchell former Mathematics professor at the Howard University in Washington and leader of the New National Party (NNP). He got this victory for his promise to revoke the income tax, in force until 1986 and re imposed by the NDC in 1994. Political Parties:National Democratic Congress (NDC) Keith Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP) Ex-Prime minister Eric Gairy’s Grenada United Labor Party (GULP) Patriotic Movement Maurice Bishop (MBPM) led by Terrance MarryshowGovernment:Keith Mitchell. Prime minister since June 1995.Representative of the British Crown since August 1992: Reginald Palmer.The two-house parliament is made up of the House of Deputes 15 members and the Senate 13 members. The deputes are elected by direct vote while seven of the senators are appointed by the Governor, three by the Prime Minister and three by the leader of the opposition.

General History

There is no doubt, Grenada is one of the Caribbean tropical paradises. It is composed of about thirty small islands and keys. Grenada is the main island and Carriacao and Petit Martinique Islands go after it. These attractive islands offer tourist destinations with an incredible nature full of exotic landscapes, waterfalls, abundant vegetation, fruits and its inhabitants' hospitality. There you will find top quality hotels with excellent facilities and a high quality service, some located by the seashore, restaurants with gourmet and exotic dishesthat are samples of a fantastic cuisine and entertainment centers like bars and discos with live music to have a good time dancing. Travel across the islands and visit places of the interest such as the George Fortress, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Matthew and the Frederick Fortresses, tokens of the island's architecture and history centuries ago. If you prefer natural attractions, do not miss the chance to climb Sinai Mountain, Plima Mountain or the Caídas de Carmel Mountain, natural parks and the beautiful beaches in the islands, most of them perfect for diving and the water sports like Anse La Roche, Petit Carenage, and the famous Great Anse.