Floridita, exponent of the best Daiquiri, received Excelencias Award

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    By Caribe Insider

    In 2019, the Floridita Bar Restaurant was awarded the Excelencias Gourmet Award, granted by the Excelencias Group for being the best exponent of the best Cuban cocktails, trainer of bartenders and guardian of the bartenders, and guardian of the best recipes for traditional cocktails and other renowned cocktails internationally.

    This prestigious building is centrally located on the corner of Obispo Street, in the oldest part of the city. Obispo Street, in the oldest part of Havana, very well preserved and respecting its old decoration, a statue stands out in one place of the bar, a life-size bronze statue of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, a regular customer of the place.

    When tourists arrive in Havana, Cuba's first city destination, they almost without exception make a sort of "Hemingway circuit", in which they visit El Floridita, La Bodeguita del Medio and the rooftop bar of the Ambos Mundos Hotel, another place dear to the writer.

    The Bar Restaurant the Floridita has been offering its services for more than 200 years and almost 100 years since the creation of the recipe for today's daiquiri, The place has come to be considered a universal temple of the cocktail, the cradle of the daiquiri, and there are many who affirm that the best daiquiri in the world is drunk there.

    In its beginnings, back in 1817, the history of this emblematic place began, first called La Piña de Plata, then in 1910 it was called Florida, and after four years it was renamed Floridita. How did it transcend its fame? According to testimonies of the time, the emergence of the drink that distinguishes it in Santiago de Cuba; and it is said that it was the American engineer Jennings Con , its creator , somewhat by chance, as he wanted to attenuate the strong flavor of the region's rum with zest.

    The strong flavor of the rum of the region with lemon juice and a touch of sugar. and the name daiquiri was given to him by his friend Giacomo Pagliuchi, captain of the Liberator Army in Cuba. Later, this drink was introduced by Cox and Pagliuchi in the bar of the Hotel Venus in Santiago de Cuba, where it gradually gained clients and corresponded to the Spanish and it was up to the Spaniard Emilio Gonzalez, bartender of the Plaza Hotel in Havana, to bring it to the capital and share the way it was made with the Hispanic and owner of the Floridita Constantino Ribailagua.

    Ribailagua was the one who finally gave it the taste that the current recipe has, by adding crushed ice or frappé and five drops of maraschino In 1928, the Papa doble daiquiri was created, specially for Ernest Hemingway by Ribailagua when he learned that he did not want it with sugar but with a strong rum flavor.

    So instead of of that sweetener, he added grapefruit juice and two lines of rum. From then on, the years went by and the establishment and the daiquiri gained fame, when Hemingway mentioned it in one of his novels and promoted it as something exquisite by many of the celebrities who have tasted it. Because of its characteristics,

    The Floridita Bar-Restaurant was awarded the Excelencias Gourmet Awards, given by the Excelencias Group. This year, when the pandemic is affecting the normal course of activities, it was decided to extend the activities the deadline for the receipt of nominations for the Excelencias Awards until Feb. 24th, and postponed the semi-annual awards ceremony until spring.for the semi-presential presentation of the awards.


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