The Excelencias Group makes its magazines available to you for online reading

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    As many countries are facing the new epidemiological situation the world is going through, it is necessary to postpone plans to visit tourist destinations, to participate in events of various kinds. However, there is a way to interact, to enjoy their attractions by reading online the publications that the Excelencias Group makes available to you. In this time of technologies that make a virtual approach possible, during the days you stay at home you can find out more about the country you had decided to travel to in your vacations of the year, the customs and traditions of different peoples, their art, their culture, their cuisine so suggestive with the fusion of flavors. Close your eyes. Imagine a place. And dream. Traveling, considered a hobby by many, is a way of life, an excuse to escape, open your mind, free yourself from all prejudices, discover cultures and enjoy, simply. The Excellencies Journals report that, for reasons of force majeure and in view of the measures of prevention and control against the pandemic of the new Coronavirus in the world, the new editions of the magazines Tourist and Caribbean Excellence No.177 are now available, The Excellence of Gourmet No.73, Excellencies of Engine No.83, and the Excellence of Art No.50, in our applications and web pages, and especially in the functional free application of Revista Excelencias, so that they can be multiplied in their reach by internautas. It warns its advertisers that the advertising planned for these editions is already circulating digitally as part of our commitments, and that each advertisement already financed will be included in the various printed magazines that will circulate when the current situation ends. And shares that the readers and downloads of the APP Excellence in Google Play and Apple Store, as well as the websites have,,, and the portal are growing rapidly because of the confinement in their homes of our regular subscribers.


    In Guatemala is located an archaeological assembly formed by the ruins of Tikal, that was one of the most important centers of the first period of the first Mayan empire (320 to 987 dC).