Estelí, is ideal for nature lovers

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    Por Caribe Insider

    Estelí, famous for its horse fairs and premium tobacco brands, with its six municipalities is ideal for nature lovers because it has the Coffee Route and the Sandino Route, two of the products stars of tourism in Nicaragua. Located in the heart of Central America, it has protected areas of a lot of interest as Cerro Apante,

    El Arenal and Cerro Musún, real jewels that offer the visitor a surprising biodiversity of flora and fauna, with crystal-clear streams, waterfalls and trails picturesque.

    In Estelí there are interesting offers such as the routes of the Volcanoes and the Colonial Cities at Central American level; in addition to the Coffee Route and the Sandino Route, for which they were prepared about 45 tourist sites, including one called El Somoto Canyon, a spectacular site of natural and extraordinary beauty.

    The adventure with exploration, landscaping and hiking is a star of the local tour operators. This Nicaraguan tourist destination has five impressive natural reserves in Tomabú, Tisey, Miraflor, Canta Gallo and La Patasta, with facilities to access those places, where ecotourism lovers will find open cross-country trails; while its mountains are bountiful with springs, crystalline waterfalls, seductive landscapes and rich fauna.

    The waterfall La Estanzuela and the so-called Mesas de Moropotente, a succession of high mountains with flat peaks including Copalchizal, Quiabuc, Majagual, La Trinidad and Oyanca, are other natural attractions in this small world in the heart of Central America, also known as the Segovia Diamond.

    Estelí has important mountainous elevations in its territory, has high quality coffee plantations and among them with more than 1,400 m. is found among the trees and in their cups, different species of resident and migratory birds. For those who like adventure tourism can practice it from an ideal place, among unparalleled landscapes and a very good and the offer of hotels with comfort.


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