El Origen, CATA's new tourism promotion campaign


According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), outdoor activities, nature-based products and community-based tourism are positioned as the crown jewels among those seeking to travel this 2022. For this reason, the Central America Promotion Agency (CATA) is promoting a campaign called "El Origen" (The Origin).

"El Origen" emerges as a campaign that invites travelers to learn about the archaeology, culture and nature that changed the world, which took place in the region. Traveling to Central America and the Dominican Republic would mean taking a journey back in time to see and experience the beginning of millenary civilizations, ancestral gastronomy and idyllic scenery in its purest state that is still in force today.

This new tourism promotion effort seeks to connect with travelers in CATA's target markets through the positioning of a tourism offer from a more mystical and contemplative vision. With the above, we intend to promote a quality multi-destination, faithful to its essence and unique experiences in true tropical paradises.

In every corner of Central America and the Dominican Republic it is possible to be impressed by destinations that bring to the present the epic stories of ancient civilizations. Today, the region is home to an average of 65 different indigenous peoples, which occupy almost 40% of the Isthmus' land and marine surface, true guardians that keep intact the millenary customs of conservation, offering tourists the possibility of living an experience in contact with the living culture in natural spaces.

Likewise, Central America and the Dominican Republic are home to 12% of the planet's biodiversity with natural formations that have been the origin of the most representative ecotourism in the world, the region is home to the second largest coral reef in the world and has a volcanic mountain range with more than 100 volcanoes, the perfect scenarios to practice emblematic adventures such as rafting, sandboarding, canopy, diving, among others.

Central America and the Dominican Republic are expecting a rebound in tourism, which would be more effective during the third quarter of the year, according to UNWTO estimates. In this sense, CATA continues working to increase the region's presence in international markets through a renewed offer capable of meeting the expectations of travelers in the post-COVID-19 tourism reactivation stage and thus move towards the full recovery of the sector.


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