Discover the Taulabé Caves


The Taulabé Caves are one of the natural wonders of Honduras. Located just kilometers from San Pedro Sula and a few miles from Lake Yojoa, the caves were discovered in 1969 by accident when a group of workers from an Israeli company working on the construction of a highway. In addition to being a perfect attraction for nature lovers and speleotourism, a mystery revolves around these caves. Did you know that it is believed that there is a treasure hidden inside the cave?

The origin of this popular belief dates back to the 70's, when the Honduran air pirate William Hahnerman, hijacked a plane in the United States and demanded a ransom of more than 250 thousand dollars. The man fled to Honduras with the money, parachuted into the city of La Ceiba and, at the suggestion of a trusted friend, hid in the caves.

For two weeks, Hahneman stayed in Taulabé until he was betrayed by his friend and got arrested. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment, but never declared where he had hidden the money, so many claim that the loot remains in the caves.

An enchanting and enigmatic tour of the Taulabé Caves.

Undoubtedly, this popular belief has conferred a halo of mystery to these caves, making them even more interesting to visit. Regardless of this enigmatic belief, the caves dazzle the visitor who enters its 300 meters of non-skid road, for its breathtaking beauty. There is a magic caused by the light and the silence that give them an extra exoticism, and make it possible to walk calmly observing the natural wonders with unusual formations of stalactites and stalagmites. During their tour, visitors can visualize the wonderful figures that the water has sculpted in the limestone rock, some of them true works of natural art such as the "Angel's Wing" or "The Buddha".


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