United States of America
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The United States are located between Canada and Mexico in North America. Regardless of its huge territorial extension, travelers can tour all major cities washed by the Caribbean Sea by making a brief trip. But they must be ready to scout each and every one of these burgs. Despite climatic variations, every city has features of its own that do not make a dent as far as interest and beauty are concerned. If you're eager to unearth the country's Caribbean touch, get closer to the charming tourist destinations and you'll be amazed with such cities as Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana) and Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale (Florida). There're plentiful hotel resorts in these above-mentioned cities for a real laid-back attitude. All sightseeing places you'd call on will surely take you closer to the history of the country, the same way its museums will open up their doors to let you admire wonderful collections in display. Meet the beauty-packed amusement parks where fun and emotion are non-stop. And if this experience whets your appetite, swing by any of the numerous city restaurants to revel in having the cream of the top as far as international cuisine is concerned. Its many stores will let you purchase the best gifts and keepsake money can buy at very affordable prices. Newspapers and magazines can be counted by the thousands, but if for you seeing is believing, pay a visit to the country's beaches and cities washed by the Caribbean Sea and you won't believe your eyes the moment you gaze at the beauty of this great nation. If you don't want to stop having fun when night closes in, then go to its many nightclubs, bars and discos. You can rest assured you'll have a bustling and unforgettable nightlife. Put your doubts behind you and have a heck of a good vacation in these marvelous destinations.

Bermudas dollar

You are probably wondering why Bermudas' beaches have such a wonderful pinkish color. Will they be blushing? Maybe. Many lovers visit them. During centuries, Bermudas' natural beauty has inspired artists, writers, musicians and poets, as it can be appreciated museums, art galleries and places of interest. Once you have traveled the island's 21 square miles you understand the reasons: policemen directing traffic, the afternoon tea, the distant Gombey dancers' drums. You feel in every tourist destination, the richness and diversity of the British and African inheritance that makes this country. While in Bermudas, you are never beyond a mile reach of the underwater experience. After all, Bermudas has coral reefs, which are hardly found in other places. And in this so-called " capital of shipwrecks", you will find historical sinkings waiting to be explored, some of them only 30 feet deep. With more than 150 feet deep transparent waters, all that you need is a mask, fins and a snorkel to meet the underwater marvels. Do not go far away because some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in Bermudas: Horseshoe Bay, Tobacco Bay, Elbow Beach and a dozen more that expect to be visited. No doubt the best way to know this delightful cultural garden is walking its 21 square miles. Come on, don't hesitate. Let's walk...

The Mexican currency is the peso

Mexico, millennial country of deeply- rooted national feeling with unequalled color, folklore, light and flavor varieties. From the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, from deserts to tropical forests, this country offers the visitor a surprising world. Exquisite traditional dishes of beautiful coloring, ancestral archeological monuments, preserved colonial architecture, crystalline turquoise color beaches are symbols of a nation who knows how to appreciate and preserve the beauty of its land. The splendid Mexican Caribbean is full with tourist destinations where paramount history events are revived and the most varied natural landscapes, hotels, commercial and entertainment centers are enjoyed. It is just enough to call twelve names evoking spiritual fullness and pleasure: Cancún, one of the most visited cosmopolitan cities in the world; Cozumel, the scuba diving Mecca; Mujeres Island, the island of dreams; Playa del Carmen, the biggest city of the Mayan riverside; Chetumal, a modern coastal city, capital of Quintana Roo State; Campeche, Valladolid and Villahermosa, colonial cities par excellence, Merida, the oldest city in the Yucatan State; Progreso y Veracruz, important cities with archaeological sites. Beyond the Mayan riverside bathed by Atlantic waters there is Acapulco, a place with a divine touch just made for you. Any of these places, where the sky only darkens to bring from the hand to the romantic night, you will be able to discover the crystal clear waters that offer its more intimate secret: reefs, corals, colorful fish and even and underwater museum. Twelve places to satisfy the most exotic dreams. Just make up your mind.

Costa Rica
The colón

This Central American nation barely embracing 51,000 square kilometers and with a population in the neighborhood of three-and-a-half million inhabitants, is caught between Nicaragua and Panama, in northern Central America. In recent years, the country has become the wishful-thinking development model for a fledgling, demanding and promising tourist options: ecological tourism. Costa Rica is the destination of choice for the ever-growing number of tourists who look for a reencounter with nature, in search of a haven to shelter themselves, at least for the time being, from daily-life anguishes. Costa Rica has to offer a tourist option that's now all the rage worldwide: ecological tourism. Among its many attractions, the Arenal Volcano, the country's most active fire mountain with flows of incandescent lava, is indeed a natural spectacle to remember. At the base of the volcano, you'll find the Arenal Lake and a small hamlet called Nuevo Arenal (New Arenal). If you're looking forward to meeting Caribbean destinations, then go on straight to Limón City (Lemon City). This small geographical and perfectly preserved spot shows off countless and enviable natural wealth. Among them: 13,000 plant species, over 12,000 daytime butterfly species and little over 4,000 nighttime butterfly species, 162 amphibious species, 220 reptile species and more than 1,600 fresh-water fish species, plus approximately 850 bird species. All of these species are comprised in a system of preservation areas embracing 17 national parks, 8 wildlife havens and a similar number of natural biological reserves of forest areas. Costa Rica features some of the world's most actives volcanoes like the Poás, usually boasting a tall white-smoke column. Besides, this country ranks as one of the world's only six locations where the "coming of the turtles" takes place, an interesting phenomenon linked to their spawning season. There are countless hotel resorts and restaurants, let alone numerous sightseeing places and locations. Visitors can call on museums, national parks and last but not least, beaches for taking a swim and basking in the sun. They can also hike, take horseback rides, practice mountain biking and even take a grand tour around the unexplored jungle; these are some of the luring offers Costa Rica has in store just for you. All you need to do to make your dreams come true is to get carried away by the magic of nature in a country ready to offer you whatever you're looking for.

El Salvador
Salvadoran Colon

It is the smallest country of Central America, very populated and the only one that does not have coasts on the Caribbean Sea. A volcano chain crosses the country and the height moderates the climate. El Salvador offers the possibility of knowing something more on the folklore, with a mysterious and exotic past, that thanks to the Mayans, emerges with volcano names in the center of America. The Salvadorans originate in the mixed of the Spanish colonizers with the local indigenous population. Now in El Salvador, the beaches, archaeological sites, towns of craftsmen and cities of great patrimonial value receive thousands of visitors, national as much foreign, and the mighty tourist industry is a faithful witness of the changes who experiences the country. In different residential zones and tourist points there are pretty inns, hotels of first category with restaurants offering Salvadoran and international meals, as well as art galleries promoting national and foreign art. If you like the mountains, excursions on horses can be enjoyed. Another peculiarity of the country is the volcanoes: more than 25 extinct ardent mountains emerge there. Regarding natural wonders, visitors may see the Door of Devil, a natural window formed by two rocky formation, besides the tropical species like monkeys spider or the deer of white tail. Visiting the Mayan ruins can be an option for pre-Hispanic culture lovers such as The Ruins of San Andrés, Jewel of Cerén and Tazumal. The archaeological wealth will lead you to travel from the real world to an indigenous one. Colonial churches, museums and theaters stand out in the architecture and the painting. But if you prefer the beaches, you can go to the Sunzal, the Coast of the Sun, the Cóbanos, the Hawthorn, Cuckoo, Tamarind, among others Finally, visitors can make long haul by the cities and the small localities that offer an important cultural heap in form of churches and cathedrals.

The quetzal

Guatemala is one of the five countries comprising the Mayan world. Its territory embraces almost 500 thousand square kilometers where the Mayan people erected one of the world's oldest civilizations some 2,000 years ago. Archeological dregs of that millenary culture still remain in place, as well as a great deal of indigenous communities. This combination stands for Guatemala's major tourist attraction. The national territory consists of a jungle zone teeming with different ecosystems, volcanoes, rivers, caves and forests. Alongside the archeological and natural treasures, there are cities and villages built by the Spaniards during the colonial rule. Gourmet, arts and festivities born out of half-breeding are also commonplace. A visit to Tikal is like opening a door to the former Mayan civilization's mysterious world. This ancient city was built in 600 B. C., and currently comprises a national park declared Mankind's Heritage by UNESCO. But if you'd like to go deeper into the Caribbean, call on the wonderful tourist destinations the Izabal department has to offer. A case in point is Livingston, a fishermen town where travelers will find out the most beautiful beaches under the sun. Puerto Barrios and Río Dulce, two other wonder-packed tourist destinations to remember, will also be there for you. Countless hotel resorts will guarantee a fascinating rest, including tours to page down the entertainment choices in store for you during your stay. And to taste the peerless flavor of local food, visit Guatemala's different restaurants. Dare to live the magical sensation of this ideal location. The most beautiful and passionate trip you never thought possible is now within reach and can be realized in Guatemala. Come and you won't regret it. A paradise is waiting just for you.


The Republic of Honduras is located in Central America. It borders with the Caribbean Sea to the north, the Gulf of Fonseca to the south in the Pacific Ocean, El Salvador to the southeast, Guatemala to the northwest, Nicaragua to the east and the Caribbean to the northeast. The country is divided in 18 departments and 293 municipalities with their own mayor offices. Honduras is blessed with abundant nature, a vast cultural heritage and varied archeological richness, let alone the amazing Honduran Caribbean. The capital is Tegucigalpa, a generous city that treasures a history as fascinating as its romantic colonial spots. It offers different alternatives in the surroundings with such sightseeing locations as San Juancito and the Valle de Angeles. The country’s second-largest city is San Pedro Sula, located in the north. Its geographical position allows quick and easy transportation to the nearby tourist destinations like Puerto Cortes, Omoa, the Yojoa Lake and the Pulhapanzak Waterfalls. Not far from there, travelers will find the Santa Barbara and Cusuco national parks. Comayagua, for its part, lies in the valley and department of the same name. Its main attraction is its historic core, a key piece of the nation’s preserved heritage. On the other hand, other options exist for trips and ecological enjoyment. There are countless natural reserves and wildlife safe havens in the department of Atlantida that also features the cities of La Ceiba and Tela, both of them beautified by their luring parks, rivers, beaches, mountains and abundant wildlife. All this is coupled with the ethnic attractions of the Garifuna dwellers. Other must-sees are the Pico Bonito and Punta Sal national parks, among many others that make up a vast subsystem of protected areas. Copan, in western Honduras, stands for the most important and representative tourist choice the Central American nation has to offer. Its major municipalities are Santa Rosa and Ruins of Copan, penciled in as the most relevant archeological dregs of the Mayan civilization. For those who love nature, La Montañita Nature Park and the Tres Jotas tourist spa are the right choices to make. The Islands of the Bay, off the Honduran coasts, are made up of the isles of Roatan, Guanaja and Utila, the three of them blessed with the region’s largest assortment of coral reefs and sponges. Its Marine National Park harbors the world’s second-biggest coral reef barrier. The islands are famous worldwide for their top-rated scuba diving centers and gorgeous beaches.

Belize dollar

Belize is a jewel country located in the western end of the Caribbean. It is a paradise that offers the visitor a wonderful combination of the Antilles' and Central America's best things. Although small, Belize has a great cultural variety, traditions, an impressive wild life, and one of the most fascinating forest landscapes and marine views. Belize's coral reefs are the second greatest ones in the world. You should not remain a Belize City but travel to one of the small islands, to the quiet Caye Caulker, or to San Pedro in Ambergris Caye, which is a little more expensive. You can sail practice snorkeling, scuba dive or just swim in its crystal clear and turquoise waters. The real challenge for divers is the Blue Hole, a round hole with about 300 diameter meters and 40 meters deep, a spectacular dive with an underwater cave. The country is mainly composed by forests with a fantastic wild life. Traveling by ship from Orange Walk, upriver to Lamanai, a historical Mayan place, will make you enjoy it. To rent a car and choose your own route is a comfortable way to see the country. There are no huge hotels with hundreds of rooms, and towns are merely scattered villages with few inhabitants or places by the seashore where bridges are still handmade. There is much more you could enjoy in Belize, an extraordinary place, where "an image is worth a thousand words". Here you will take hundred of pictures to say just one word: Belize.

Virgin Islands (USA
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If you are looking for a perfect vacation, a visit to the American Virgin Islands and enjoys the tourist destinations is the best choice. The islands of St John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas offers many hotels located mainly in the strip coastal of the islands and there are also restaurants with a diverse and excellent gastronomy closely together to stores and entertainment centers where it can be listened to good music or dance until the day come. There are many interesting places that frame the history and culture of the virgin islands like the Christiansted Fort, Church Frederik, one of the older Lutherans churches, the Castle of Barbanegra, centers to practice golf, museums, and centers for diving which reunite all the supplies of diving in the Caribbean like the located ones in Salt River, CaneBay, Bay Davis and the Buck Island. These islands have a great natural beauty and they are visited by different lines of cruises that have favored to a great extent the tourism, offering programmed visits to important sites.


Nicaragua, is located in Central America, being a perfect destination for those ones who are looking for something really different. The Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua is ideal for lovers of nature; it is apparently virgin and includes more than 450 km with beautiful landscapes, mountains and impressive volcanoes, Great Lakes and lagoons, majestic rivers, exuberant forests and extensive sun beaches are an example of the beauties found in the country. There are also hundreds of animal species and plants. Mountainous chains that extend towards the east and Southeastern and get to be united with the coastal plain that bathes waters of the Caribbean form the territory. Other sites of interest are the towns with baroque architecture and colonial relics, also they are beautiful beaches where it is possible to practice aquatic sports and to admire the beauty of the landscape. At Nicaragua, visitors may enjoy colonial towns, archaeological and natural wonders, glad music, amused nights and an exquisite gastronomy. Benefiting from the Caribbean Sea with its transparencies, calm and warm waters, Nicaragua becomes the perfect place for resting. The reasons mentioned above and the warmth of its people will make visitors falling in love with this beautiful earth.


Christopher Columbus sailed past Anguilla in 1493 - but never landed.