Cuban Government Intensifies Measures to Confront COVID-19


The Cuban government, given the global epidemiological situation, and the impact of 40 positive cases in the country, is holding an Information Round Table with the council of ministers to update and increase the measures being implemented in the nation.
To this end, the Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, appeared, listing and explaining each of the regulations to be implemented, as well as the reason for the reinforcement or readjustment of those already in progress since Friday 20th. Thus he stated that it is decided:
- to suspend classes until next 20 April for all levels of education: primary, secondary, pre-university and universities throughout the nation, the continuity of which will be evaluated according to developments in the epidemiological situation.
- enforce a quarantine period (14 days) for citizens resident in the country arriving from abroad, who will be transferred to isolation centres which the government, after careful selection and inspection, has arranged for this purpose, are educational establishments or others belonging to the Ministry of Public Health itself. All these facilities are staffed by health personnel and the rest of the essential requirements for this new activity; those resident in provinces other than the one of entry will be transferred to them.
- to regulate departures from the national territory for all persons resident in Cuba, given the large influx of them who have decided to leave the country on personal journeys, a figure of 1720 residents in the last 24 hours.
- to suspend interprovincial transport, whether by train, bus, plane, or private, since there is currently a movement of 22 thousand people per day by these means.
- not to rent cars to tourists and to suspend the scheduled excursions, that is, to limit the movement of them outside the hotels.
- limit luggage to arriving passengers: one carry-on bag and one suitcase or package. To this end, the Minister of Transport alerted the airlines that continue to travel to Cuba about this regulation.
- limit recreational activities in all sectors including the closure of discotheques, swimming pools and gyms.
- transfer tourists who are in private homes to hotels in the country, maintaining the rates they had in the houses and assuming transportation.
- suspend the provision of accommodation for national tourism by municipal and provincial enterprises throughout the country.
- not to promote tourist establishments or the incentive to visit them.
- to regulate the sale of domestic trade products: they will have a maximum quota and some released will pass to normados to avoid hoarding
- to maintain open establishments of commerce and gastronomy, and to increase the sale of food at home, in all sectors.
- gradually tighten police control on public roads, as well as in shopping centres and other establishments where this is deemed necessary, with a view to enforcing the above.

At the end of his speech, the Prime Minister assured that all the measures taken put the state, private and cooperative sectors on an equal footing for their implementation and compliance; and they will be implemented until further notice. If necessary, new ones will be modified and increased as the epidemiological situation imposed by the new coronavirus causing COVID-19 disease changes.


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