Cotopaxi National Park

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    The Cotopaxi National Park is a highly valued site for people who like to hike and climb mountains, it is an area of Ecuador located in the Canton Latacunga in the Province of Cotopaxi. It was the first national park to be created in the territory of Ecuador's mainland, and in its territory is the snow-capped volcano Cotopaxi.

    With a wide variety of flora and fauna, in which conifers stand out with wolves, cougars, bears, rabbits, condors, wild horses and foxes, as well as various tree species, especially pines, which turns the place into a South American pinewood, like every forest in the Andean region, the species of cypresses, pines, firs and ashes stand out.

    Among the mammals that live in the park are the South American camelids like the llama, just as there are herds of wild horses in the northern and eastern sectors of the park. Also there are white-tailed deer, spectacled bear, puma, wild rabbits, the wolf of the moor, the cervicabra, the skunk, the possum or fox, the mole mouse, and the Andean weasel. The most important birds are the sparrowhawk, hawk, duck, owl, and owl, the caracara, the condor, the Andean toucan and hummingbirds.

    Cotopaxi National Park is a protected area of Ecuador, located at 60 km from the city of Quito, from which the South Pan-American Highway to the entrance of the site called El Caspi; the same road connects with the cities of Latacunga (30 km) and Ambato (70 km) In this beautiful place there are four climatic floors or life zones: the mountain rainforest, the sub-Andean rainforest, tundra Andean rain, and the snowy floor. As you ascend, representative plants appear such as chuquiragua, alchemila, padded plant colonies , mosses, lichens, romelia, quishuar or god tree, and mortiño. In the perpetual snows, there is no vegetation.


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