Christmas brings to the table Latin American and Caribbean dishes and pastries

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    By Caribe Insider Fusion of flavors, nuances, aromas that alert the palate to an exquisite tasting, this is how the Latin American and Caribbean dishes and the pastries are; which summon in this Christmas celebration in the table, where you can perceive the joy of sharing the dinner created for the occasion.

    The diversity and quality of typical dishes that represent a potential attractive, it is based on the contributions of the ancestors: the indigenous peoples, the European, the African, all with their contribution to translate into unique flavors that transcend and emanate harmoniously sensations when tasting them.

    At Christmas the table welcomes in each country at least one typical recipe,as it happens in Venezuela with the Hallacas, a Christmas dish per excellence throughout the territory, just like the Ham Bread that it is enjoyed a lot, while in Peru there is something similar to hallacas but is called Tamal of peeled corn, similar to the chicken tamale of El Salvador.

    Also in Peru at this time of the year the Cabrito con Humitas, a typical dish in that nation; but if there are recipes with rice, you can not skip the Arroz con pollo a la tica, from Costa Rica, very tasty and demanding at Christmas.

    While in Argentina it is a tradition to sit at the table in Christmas days and to taste the Vitel Toné, that is elaborated with meat of Veal cooked with herbs and broth, cut into fillets and bathed with a sauce, while in Ecuador seafood is styled, a leg of pork or a whole turkey, and in Colombia it is a tradition to cook a good ajiaco.

    Other countries such as Cuba have pork as a traditional dish roasted, black beans, yucca with mojo (a garlic-based dressing, sour orange juice and oil), lettuce and tomato salad, white rice and homemade sweets.

    The roasted pork can be roasted whole over the coals, and it is also prepared for Christmas dinner in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, country where rice with pigeon peas cannot be missing in a Christmas celebration.

    The diversity of dishes and the typicality of recipes is common in Mexico during the Christmas season, the stuffed turkey to the oven or to the grill, the roast meat and the Christmas Eve salad.

    The Brazilians like the Feijoada, based on black beans, various meats, sausages and some vegetables.

    A special mention for the most native homemade sweets such as fritters in syrup, pumpkin custard, custard and boniatillo, the turrets, the hulls of guava, grapefruit or sour orange, cocada or also pudding and majarete.

    And to go together with such delights there are various drinks and cocktails and also the refreshing beer, all this served on a table decorated for such a special Christmas occasion.


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