Juan Luis Rodríguez Sibaja

(1934 )
Costa Rica
San Jose, 1934 Juan Luis Rodriguez Sibaja, in 1950, began working in the House of Artist of San Jose. In 1960, he studied engraving in metal in the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris. Years later, in 1961, he studied in the Free Academy of The Hague, Netherlands and, in 1969, he represented France, under foreign title, with his work “El Combate”, in the IX Biennal of Paris, Museum of Modern Art of Paris. With the support of the UNESCO in 1972, He came back to his country in order to cordinate and install the Engraving Works, University of Costa Rica, until 1990. In 1973, he got the Gold Medal in the I Annual Hall of Fine Arts of the National Museum in Costa Rica. In 1975, he received the prizes ¨Aquileo J. Echeverria¨ (engraving) and Ancora of the newspaper ¨La Nacion¨. Years later, in 1978, he organizes the Engraving Works, Fine Arts School, National University, Heredia. He has exhibited his work in different events such as the I Biennal of Havana, Cuba, 1984; in IFA Galerie, Institute fur Auslandsbeziehungen, Bonn, Germany, 1990: "Grafik aus Costa Rica". Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany, 1992: ""Kunst aus Costa Rica"". Cultural Area of Lorient, G.B, 1994: First Biennal of European Engraving. VI Biennal L & S Costa Rican Painting, Unique Prize Hall of Masters. Prize ¨Aquileo J. Echeverra¨ 1996, in the engraving area. He represents Costa Rica in the XXIII Biennal of São Paulo, Brazil, 1996, with the work "La Piramide""."